About Medezine

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For over 20 years Medezine has been a market leading manufacturer of high quality medical equipment, tailored to the changing clinical demands of advanced modern Healthcare.

In 2014 experienced Healthcare professionals Richard Noble and Peter Carroll ( with over 50 years combined healthcare related experience) joined forces and acquired Medezine with a clear “hands on” vision to offer high quality products and services at competitive prices worldwide.

The company has experienced record growth and profitability with investment in new products and excellent support and training packages. Close personal relationships are key at all levels and we are extremely excited by future prospects and opportunities.

We aim to develop durable, reliable, and innovative equipment that offers excellent long term value for money. We invest heavily in research and development to ensure patient led ideas are incorporated into all new product lines.

Customer care is paramount and we pride ourselves on offering extensive support and expertise, with qualified and experienced professionals.


Research and development is crucial to the future plans at Medezine, and a high percentage of all profits are reinvested in new product development. This enables valuable customer and patient feedback to be included in current product upgrades and the future development of new innovations.

The latest design technologies are used in all new products lines and we have successfully partnered with, Industry societies, Universities, lead Clinicians/technicians to enhance clinical excellence and technical proficiency.

Medezine are committed to manufacturing high quality products and achieves and maintains quality process standards with BS EN ISO 9001 accreditation. All products are CE marked in accordance with European directive 93/42/EEC.